Gennifer Richie

Gennifer RichieAs a rookie, I nine-to-fived at a regional design and marketing firm, creating fresh and innovative designs for a variety of customers. I learned the ropes. Paid my dues. And after several years and a bit of moonlighting, decided it was time to spread my wings and take flight. I’ve never looked back.

My 24-year design journey has been solid and fulfilling. I’ve had the privilege to partner with small businesses that help communities thrive, large corporate entities that provide nationwide services, and everything in between. I thrive working directly with clients to develop marketing solutions that are relevant and memorable. Rising to design challenges, I give 110% to every project, every day. And I appreciate that each design brief is different, because people are different.

When I’m not creating designs, I’m high-fiving my two young boys and being entertained by my husband’s sense of humor. I treasure my community and serve on a few Boards to support its betterment. And I’m crazy about watercolor painting and gardening.