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27 November 2013 on Business, Design, Uncategorized by Gennifer Richie

Everyone is doing it. It’s particularly popular this time of year as we propel into the holiday season. Some record a list. Some prayerfully recollect and give thanks. Today, in an era of digital overload, many share thanksgivings on Facebook, Twitter, and other social mediums, scribing eloquent passages that celebrate the big things—and the little things—that enrich their lives yet are often overlooked. Autumn leaves that add color to life, music that makes the inner spirit dance, tender moments with loved ones that reinforce strength in family and hope for our children…

I appreciate these posts (ironic, huh?) because they sometimes touch on things that I might not have considered being grateful for. They often calm the mental chaos of a multi-tasking mom/wife/creative/business owner, and they can obliterate any less-than-positive thoughts that have invaded my intellect.

So, before all the turkey and fixings are gone, I want to share a few things that I, as a graphic designer and business owner, am thankful for. I’ve listed the top six, each one commencing with the letters in ODESSA:

Business opportunities and inspiring design opportunities—I give thanks for both. Central Pennsylvania is full of ambitious entrepreneurs, passionate non-profits, and a thriving healthcare market, all of which present opportunities for a continual stream of work requiring smart thinking, vision, and creativity.

It might sound crazy to some, but I prefer having deadlines. Deadlines help me to schedule and better manage my time, keeping me efficient and productive. I regard deadlines as goals, and in that positive light, I strive to meet them no matter the hurdles.

Evolution can be scary, especially in small business. Recognize, though, that change most often leads to progress, and progress is forward movement. Embracing and responding to technological innovations, industry developments, or economic shifts can lead to opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally.

I am forever appreciative for the candor, integrity, and trust that several clients and colleagues extend daily as we collaborate and conduct business. Our marketing challenges may be complicated, but our rapport is easy. And that makes a world of difference in a high-stress, big-impact industry.

Social Media
Admittedly, I did not buy in to the significant benefit that social networking could offer when Twitter exploded and Facebook fan pages took off in 2009. But when a keynote speaker at a 2012 social media seminar proclaimed, “Social media is an online chamber of commerce,” I took heed. During this “season of life” when my parental role at home is of first concern, online social networking enables me to connect with professional contacts, build relationships, and share insights.

Aha! Moments
You may not realize what an “Aha! Moment” is, but I’m sure you’ve had one, even if not graphically induced. For me, these moments are diverse. The split second when design elements congeal, or when the absolute perfect font is discovered, or when the negative space of a logo reveals something not seen before. “Aha! I get it,” the imagination acknowledges. I love these moments, and I am so grateful for them. They reinforce my creative spirit, pointing out that I am discovering new processes, creating meaningful designs, and solving unique communication problems.

Have you made your “Thankful List” yet? Jump on the bandwagon with me. You still have time—turkey leftovers last for at least a week!
Happy Thanksgiving!


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