Smart Branding for HR Resolutions

HR Resolutions had a solid base of loyal clients requiring a multitude of human resource management services. They were positioned as an “on-site, on-call, or as-needed” service provider and generated leads from all types and sizes of businesses. If a business had a people problem, HR Resolutions was there to help.

HR Resolutions approached Odessa Design ready to transition from this do-it-all HR consultancy to a boutique-style business that primarily provides strategic HR solutions to select, retained clientele on site. Karen A. Young, HR Resolutions’ founder and president, was well-positioned to catapult into a more authoritative role to achieve this goal, and Odessa Design kicked off the process by developing a Smart Brand that WOW!s.

Keys to the WOW! Factor:

  • Spotlight strategic HR in every touchpoint
  • Target CEOs and CFOs and addressing their HR frustrations
  • Infuse the brand with Karen’s expert tone and bubbly personality
  • Develop a process that any prospect can go through that allows Karen to build trust and provide strategic value
  • Productize services at set prices to make it easy for prospects to know if they’re a good fit

Logo Refresh and New Tag Line

Brand Photoshoot



Social Media Profile graphics

Speaker Kit

Podcast 1-Pager

Powerpoint Presentation Template

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